Fund administration software connecting multiple asset classes


Why Seamless

Seamless revolutionizes fund accounting with its advanced, cloud-based platform. Designed for all asset classes, fund structures, and currencies, it offers fund managers and auditors a robust tool to produce accurate accounting, portfolio, and investor reports. Its ability to handle detailed financial statements and tax data makes fund accounting precise and efficient.

Over the past five years, Seamless has processed operations for over a thousand funds, adhering to strict service level agreements and leading the shift towards automation in fund accounting. Our team of over 50 seasoned industry experts ensures that our clients easily manage fund administration, portfolio accounting, and reporting.

Seamless stands out with its innovative, subscription-based technology. It features a modern, secure, cloud-based infrastructure, seamless data integration from various sources, a comprehensive report library, customizable microservices architecture, detailed data capture and reporting, and robust API connectivity for easy integration.

Who we serve

Seamless is ideal for fund managers and auditors who prioritize accuracy, reliability, and simplicity in their financial operations.


Fund managers




Fund accounting

  • Multi asset classes and currency reporting.
  • Setup any fund structures (Standalone funds, master-feeder..& others)
  • Process NAV at any frequency (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly).

P&L allocations

  • Allocate P&L daily to investors.
  • User defined allocation rules for most flexibility.
  • Granular data capturing at fund, Investor level.


Robust fee calculations

  • User defined fee customization.
  • Tier rate/hurdle-based performance fee.
  • Waterfall distribution.

External Connectivity

  • Input via API feed.
  • Excel upload.
  • FTP connectivity.